ENUG Planning Committee

The ENUG Planning Committee for 2017 is:

Name Email
Abigail S Baines asblo@hampshire.edu
Anthony Dellureficio (Webmaster) dellurea@newschool.edu
Christine Moulen orbitee@mit.edu
Cindy Greenspun cindy.greenspun@yale.edu
Hao Zeng (Webmaster) hao.zeng@yu.edu
Jamie Kutzuba kutzuba@hws.edu
Janice Christopher jchrstphr@gmail.com
Karin Wikoff kwikoff@ithaca.edu
Kevin J Collins (Former Chair) kevin.collins@mail.cuny.edu
Kristy Lee (Chair) leek@newpaltz.edu
Lori Fuller FullerLA@cmog.org
Lori Stethers lstethers@wesleyan.edu
Nancy Lin nl215@nyu.edu
Peter Bae sbae@princeton.edu
Ray Schwartz schwartzray@gmail.com
Steve Bischof (Assistant Chair) sbischof@gmail.com

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